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The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank You

By Darrin


Quick story first. I was at a convenience store last night after getting some gas. After paying for the gas and promptly walking to the door, I decided to hold it open for a man and woman walking in. The man, said nothing as he walked thru the door. However, the woman said thank you as she was pleased about the gesture. But, she didn’t stop there. She then proceeded to tell me how she appreciated my service and more people should treat each other with the respect . NOW, I know that sounds crazy, right? All over a door being opened?!

Ok, so how does this relate to social media? Are you starting to form questions? In particular, I love to use the thank you tactic on twitter. Although our ‘followers’ number is nothing to brag about, I truly think the ‘thank you’ has helped us gain more traction and brand awareness.

power of thank you engagement


Have you ever noticed that someone follows you, but then ‘unfollows’ sometime later? That’s because there are programs out there that help twitter users get MORE followers by following and then quickly unfollowing other accounts(Manageflitter,Appunfollowers). If you were to tweet a ‘thank you’ comment to that new follower, that could result in re-follow for your account(hopefully for good) OR a ‘like.’

A couple tips that I use: 1) look at the person’s profile for similar interest. 2) Be simple.

Similar Interest

power of thank you engagement

With the user above: GFTskills, he’s got a soccer blog and advertises courses on how-to-play soccer. First, see if there is anything that you can relate to. Do you have similar interest? Are you a person that loves the same sport? If so, guess what you want to ask him about? Soccer.

Here is our quick conversation due to me asking him about the sport we love:

power of thank you engagement

Asking ONE question, we’re able to interact and have a quick and meaningful conversation. Although you may not be able to see it, others can see your conversation and that could lead to potential followers and possibly customers.

  After finding something alike, tweet them ‘thank you’ for following you AND something about how you relate. This gives the conversation a human element and puts more emphasis on the thank you behind the screen.                                           

 Be simple.

If you don’t have anything in common, don’t worry, A simple ‘what’s up’ might do it.

Power of thank you engagement

If you’re having problems making small-talk Here are 48 conversation starters by themuse.com, seperated by topic. Also, here is another article talking about the best and worst topics to use while making small talk.

The simple words, and a thank you, can lead to great engagement. Use it to your advantage, and try it out. Remember, this is all trial and error, and this is, In my opinion the best way you learn.

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