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Keyword & Serp Checkin’: How to Research for Free

Ok, so, it’s been awhile. How ya doin, good? Let’s get started.

Have you been trying to figure out ways to do SERP and keyword research properly? So have I. I feel as though you develop your own method that works and however you find your keywords is good, as long as it works for you. Right now I’m going to give you 3(actually 4) tools I use to do research to see if the SERP or keyword is competitive and ripe for ranking.


This website is awesome. It has some of the most basic and needed tools for bloggers, SEOs, internet marketers, etc. It ranges from tools such as a spider-view checker, keywords suggestion tool, alexa rank checker and all other types of stuff. Before I go on, let me warn you though, I just ran thru some of their tools and they don’t work as advertised. Check them quickly before you start using them frequently. Anyways, The tool I use the most is the Bulk PA DA checker.

Bulk PA DA Checker

This is a SERP checker and is powered thru Moz’s Mozscape, which gives: domain authority, page authority, and backlinks. First, Mozscape is NOT cheap. For somebody like me, who works a 9-5 and has no additional income coming in, the starting price for Mozscape at $250/mth makes me cringe. Using this tool can help you get a grasp on what type of competition your up against in the SERPs and see if its a keyword you actually want to go after, or pass and try for the next keyword(s). Make sure that you pay attention to page authority, although not used, this can give you an idea of how good the pages are perceived in Google.

With being able to put up to 10 url’s in at once for results, this gives you quick metrics to compare pages in each of the serps. For example, let’s look at the search term: serps.

google serp for SerpSearch results for term serp

If you look at the shot below, which shows the comparison of DA, PA, and BL, you see that these results have an average PA of 54.6 and average DA of  67.9. These numbers tell us that the pages are strong and the domains are authoritative. That means unless you have some real firepower, you’re not going to rank for this keyword, at all. You usually want a PA or DA in the 20-30, with 40 and higher being harder to rank for.

Serps search query

2) Google Suggest

Listen, you’ve probably read it a million times already thru someone else’s blog post, type your keywords into the search bar and look at the related queries that come up. These queries are fresh and related queries that you should consider looking more into, since they have been typed recently into google.

Google suggest Box

You know where this is going? Yup, the bottom of that google page. LOOK AT IT too, more suggestions means more combinations. More combinations means better numbers, which better numbers will give you a better chance of ranking. It’s always a numbers game, and you need as many numbers as possible, trust me. SIDE NOTE: Be sure to add this to your OS- Keyword Keg. This gives you approximate search volume numbers, relative competition, and keywords that others search for! I honestly think I might try their paid software for keyword research, I like how they have other factors you can look into for KW research. This can help you assess quickly if the word(s) are worth going after.

Keyword Keg usage


What is LSIgraph? It’s a semantic keyword research tool, meaning it’ll give you synonyms that relate to the main keyword(s) you put into the generator. You can basically say its the same as google suggest, but different software. I did a few quick searches and it seems to give some good information. If anything, this can get your juices flowing on different sets of keywords you could possibly go after.

Semantic Keyword generator

I know there are plenty more free tools that I’ve forgotten or haven’t mentioned. Look below at some of the websites that made honorable mention.





Serp Booklet* – This is very useful. I use it to get the search engine results in link form and gives you the anchors used in the results. Also, this makes it easier to copy and paste over to the 99 web tools

Questions? If you thought this was helpful or NOT helpful, please be cool and leave a comment.

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