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What Is A Hashtag: How To Use Them Properly


Hashtags, the magnificent #(insert word),is one of the best things in social media. A hashtag can connect you to different groups as well as put you in a segmented audience based off the hashtag(s) you use. For example, if you use #marketing, look at what comes up on Twitter:

Quick caption of hashtag:marketing

Although hashtags are great, and can get your post in front of a specific audience, do you have an idea on how many you need for each post? How to properly use them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Those are all excellent questions, which we’re going to try to answer.

Instagram: Hashtag it up! This is one of the platforms where more is better. Here is an excerpt from Neil Patel on his website neilpatel.com. He claims 10 hashtags should be YOUR MAX. Using 6 is the bare minimum, where I’ve personally seen as many as 20-30. The main thing here is make sure you don’t exceed your word count(we have).

Hashtag usage for Instagram. from Neil Patel.

Twitter: Twitter is one platform where hashtags can be used, but not excessively. Since you have limited characters, 140 to be exact(280 SOON!), choose your hashtags wisely. People get “hashtag fatigue” from seeing too many on a post. Our suggestion: 1-2, possibly 3 AT MAX. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t use more, but if you need more letters to make your copy, your hashtag usage should be less.

                         GOOD                                                           BAD

Good hashtag usage on twitter.                   

Facebook: I know this may sound unpopular, but ONE hashtag, period. In this infographic from sproutsocial.com, they show that your posts engagement rate decreases substantially after two hashtags. This is NOT what you want, especially since you may have a hard time reaching people.

FB hashtag usage.

Hashtags are vital to your success in the social media world. Using them properly and having proper etiquette will get you the GOLD:FOLLOWERS!

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