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5 Types of Digital Content You Need


By Darrin

This is one of our Instagram post from November 20. It had some good engagement and reactions, and it had me thinking, maybe this needs more of an explanation.

Content needed pyramid

Let me briefly explain the picture.


These are the 5 types of content needed for any online business or agency to spring-board off the charts. These were in no particular order in the picture. However, in this post I want to put them in order of importance starting at the lowest, number 5.


5) Others’ Content

This is the content you curate for your social media sharing, your favorite blogs that you read daily, and content that you randomly stumble upon and think it’s beneficial. There are several reasons why sharing and reading others’ blog post, content, and social copy matter. Simply put, others’ content helps you learn more about a subject on which you may need help. Also, it lets your audience notice you’re trying to stay current with social media tactics and practices. Curating content is a great thing to do, especially when starting out in the marketing/social media realm.

4) Educational Content

Content that educates is our 4th most influential content needed.




Because education helps your readers yield one item from you: Knowledge. With proper education and knowledge gained from your brand’s content, content helps you be seen in a authoritative light and as knowledgeable on the subject.


What can you educate your readers about?


Everything that you know about a topic-ranging from your products, to the competitors products, how they compare to yours, and any other topics you know well. An example here is from Glen, from viperchill.com. He talks about affiliate marketing and the niches that have potentially lucrative payouts. He gives you ideas on how he would build up the affiliate website and how he would make money off of it. THIS, is educational to the reader and gives a great deal of content in ONE post. This is important because he will make readers, myself included, sign up for his newsletter in hopes of gaining more valuable knowledge. With the reader opting into the newsletter, ‘Viperchill’ can build relationships and trust with the new subscriber. Content having no ads, no affiliate links, and juiciness all throughout, makes the reader feel amazing. Having intimacy, trust, and education all in one post, is a great combo to have.


3) User-Generated Content

User-generated content converts!


If you’ve been learning about social media marketing, or online marketing, let me tell you again: SOCIAL PROOF CONVERTS!  


Did you know that SOCIAL PROOF and customer reviews is the biggest drivers for a customer to buy a product? Look at how Amazon uses customer reviews at the bottom and top their product pages. Let’s think about your purchases for a minute. Did you read the reviews? Did you buy it because your best friend said you’d like it? That is social proof, and it instantly gives you a sense of knowing of what you’re buying before you buy it. As in the GREAT book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini(non-affiliated), he says:


First, we seem to assume that if a lot of people are doing the same thing, they must know something we don’t.”

Social Proof

Look at how social proof works on Social Media Examiner’s website. It shows ~550k marketers are on their mailing list. If you saw this many people on a mailing list, wouldn’t that make you consider joining this group? This is proof, that they have good content and it’s obviously helpful. Make sure to use social proof if applicable in all aspects of marketing, channels, and posts.

Trust equals this.

2) Converting Content

Converting content, is your bread & butter, the staple of your brand. If you don’t have people that are engaged or want to convert, then your efforts are a waste of time. One aspect that can you help you convert:

Make Your Unique Value Proposition(s) Clear


That is one of the 5 examples given from Kissmetrics. There are numerous amounts of techniques that marketers do in order to have good conversion rates. Another way to find the best converting copy is testing. You can split test, test your headlines, test your CTA’s, and even test your post length. These are different elements to the converting formula that can make any seasoned marketer overwhelmed. We put this one at number 2 because it’s an important piece to the puzzle, but also the hardest to become efficient. It takes time, effort, and practice. We don’t have this down yet, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t convert, you just have to keep practicing.


1)Trustworthy Content

Trust is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of any brand, or company now a days.


Try to be transparent, honest, and be grateful as much as possible, that will help. Don’t be afraid to give that “secret” that helps you get sales, your audience will love you for it. If you haven’t realized, customers are much smarter than they use to be, and shoving generic ads down their throats won’t help with a sale. Trust is content that helps the reader feel comfortable with you, almost as though you’re talking to them like a friend across the dinner table.

So, what’s in trustworthy content?


Lots of value! An example of this would be Pat Flynn’s website, where he gives people value as soon as people hop on the website. When you give the reader value, what do they want more of? More value! They will sign up for your email list, and if you continue to give more, they would be more than happy to buy an E-book from you. Another website I personally suggest would be viperchill.com. He has no ads, just jam-packed articles worth tons of value that could benefit anyone, including ourselves.


We hope this helped you, please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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